Stressful situations and difficult feelings?

Unhappy, tired, stuck...unsure what to do next...

We have condensed the best evidence based Counseling approaches and Life Coaching techniques into a highly successful 16 hour program with 12 weeks follow up support.

Relationship problems?

We also run a special 20-24 hour program for couples.

What's more, we offer these programs as part of a tailor made holiday in Thailand, so that you can get away, relax in the sun, think more clearly and sort out your problems all in one go.

Impossible dilemmas?

We'll help you overcome whatever difficulties life is throwing at you.

We'll increase your confidence, clarify your decision making and help you establish new ways forward. You'll leave us with a clear Change Plan, plus the skills and support you need to make it happen.

These are award winning holidays, run by dedicated professionals that really do work.
“Better than I dared hope. It was like taking a vacuum cleaner to the dust in my brain” — Esquire Magazine

Life Change Holiday


As you relax by the pool in your 5* boutique hotel you sip a cocktail and watch butterflies flit through the orchids. You feel relaxed and your mind is clear for the first time in ages. This is no ordinary Life Coaching Holiday or Counseling Retreat... this is the original Life Change Holiday.


Couples Therapy Retreat


Your partner is off learning how to fly a plane. You have just had a massage. You both feel good and relaxed. What's more, you are both speaking together for the first time in ages. This isn't any old relationship counseling, this is an award winning Life Change Holiday especially for couples.


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