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"It's rare that you get such insightful, forward thinking information from such warm and caring people, it's a holiday that everyone should book at some point in their life"
Tom, Newcastle, Australia.


Counseling Retreat in Thailand .

This is a Counseling Retreat for people who want more from their holiday.counseling retreat

Counseling Retreat prices start from 29,900 Thai Baht (approx £524 or $854 USD).

This includes:

  • - 7 Nights luxury boutique hotel accommodation
  • - 20 Hour Individual Counseling Retreat Programme
  • - Private airport welcome and transfers
  • - 12 weeks follow up online counseling and life coaching

Our Counseling Retreat allows you to evaluate your life, overcome difficulties and problems, increase confidence and provides different ways forward. Everyone who has enjoyed a counseling retreat has gone onto make rewarding changes in their lives.

If you are feeling stuck and facing lifes difficulties and want a change, come out and spend some time with us, change is what we do best.

We have all the latest flight schedules and prices, and often advise on best flights available. If you are thinking of a Counseling Retreat or Life Coaching Holiday do contact us as we often know of the most cost effective flights to suit you.

"This is more effective than I dared hope for. It felt like taking a hoover to the dust in my brain". Dan Davies, Editor, Esquire Magazine.


Counseling Retreat

We run a small handful of Counseling Retreat holidays in Thailand for people looking to sort out problems and resolve difficult life situations. We have helped literally thousands of people over the last 20 years, alot of which are busy, successful people that have faced and overcome all manner of lifes challenges. Whether you are looking for a major life overhaul or just looking to kick start your life in a new direction contact us to find out how we can help you.

Retreat in Thailand...the perfect setting

Our Counseling Retreat holidays are situated in a handful of small beautiful boutique hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. We have a beautiful Thailand Retreat hidden away up in the mountains 20 mins drive out of the city of Chiang Mai, or alternatively you might like a city oasis, offering peace and tranquility, but in the heart of the old walled city.

Wherever you choose to stay we will make sure that your problems are addressed, your mind at ease, and your confidence has increased

Counseling it works

Whether you are looking to stay a week or maybe extend your Counseling Retreat to two weeks we will ensure that every moment is well spent, either engaged in our unique therapeutic course or enjoying some tailor made trips with your own driver and guide. Our private food tasting tour of local food markets is an experience you will never forget.counseling retreat

We look forward to welcoming you to your luxury Counseling Retreat with us here in Thailand.

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