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"When Alex talked me through my Personality Profile I suddenly saw my whole life how other people see it, I was on the outside looking in and could suddenly see where I'm going wrong, and that was just the first session. "
Sarah, Dubai.


We run highly successful Couples Therapy Retreats in beautiful locations in Thailand.
couples therapy retreats
The Couples Therapy Retreat  is successful because it combines unique ingredients. The combination of getting away from the problems of everyday life, relaxing in a luxurious tropical environment and working intensively with your own experienced counselor allows you to make important changes... especially in your relationship.

Whether you have specific problems:                                  

  • Coping with affairs
  • Growing apart
  • Intimacy issues
  • Feeling bored, stuck and frustrated
  • Persistent disagreements

Or whether you want to improve the quality of your relationship, and feel happier our Couples Therapy Retreatoffers you the best therapeutic experience you can get.

couples therapy retreatsCouples Therapy  - A New Perspective

Traditional Couples Therapy can often get side tracked and extend to many weeks, if not months. Due to the nature of the program your time will be well used and goal orientated. You will receive 16 hours direct individual practitioner time as well as directed preparation time. It roughly equates to weekly Couples Therapy spread over 4 to 6 months, and you get a holiday in Thailand too!

The therapeutic program is based upon recent advances in Motivational Psychology which has an extremely high evidence base and successful outcomes. It starts with a sophisticated Personality Profile which identifies core personality traits and highlights areas of conflict. 

During your Couples Therapy Retreat you can enjoy a range of tailor made activities, from white water rafting or flying lessons to  world class spa treatments or private cultural tours or Yoga Lessons. Whatever interests you we can arrange. Have a look at the full range of Tailor Made Holiday activities.

Couples Therapy Retreat - The Settingcouples counseling retreat

You will meet with your practitioner everyday for between 2-3 hours in a private designated space at one of our partner boutique hotels. We will plan a tailor made pattern of both individual sessions and joint  therapy sessions, enabling you to talk individually with your practitioner, as well as sessions where you come together with your partner. The flexibility of our program allows us to put your needs first.

Couples Therapy Retreat - Prices

Your Holiday Retreat will include

  • 7 Nights in one of our special 5*partner hotels in Thailand
  • Couples Therapy Program
  • Private airport transfers
  • 12 weeks follow up online counseling and life coaching

Prices start at approx 42,000 Thai Baht per person, or approx 54,000 Thai Baht per couple.

If you would like more information about the Couples Therapy Retreat or any one of our Life Coaching Holidays please do not hesitate to Contact Us.