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"To be honest I would never have thought of having counselling or coaching but I needn't have worried, Chrissy soon became an attentive, highly astute and empathic friend"
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Welcome to the Life Change Blog.

We publish a Life Change article every week about living in Thailand, how to “change my life” and all things life changing. We hope you enjoy them.

Change My Life Forever (Avocado Hang Over)

Well, we’ve recovered from a weeks worth of avocado eating (see last weeks article) and have started to take on a pale green tinge. My youngest son has even forgotten that other food exists. He now refers to breakfast, lunch and dinner simply as “avocado time”. I have also been in touch with a retired member of the Japanese Agricultural Society (“Hello Tokyo”) to whom I am sending some highly prized Thai avocado stones for propagation in Japan. I hope that years from now people will be sitting down in Japan and enjoying football sized avocados as we’ve been doing in Thailand the past few weeks. At this rate I’m set to become the “Johnny Apple Seed” of Asia (although “Alex Avocado Stone” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it).

Whether eating avocados alone warrants a “life change”or "life coaching" intervention is doubtful, but they are bloomin delicious.  If anyone else wants to have a go a growing their own giant fruit let me know and I’ll put a couple of fresh stones in the post for you (it’ll give me an excuse to get more supplies).

Change My Life Forever

Having recently moved house I found myself trying to explain our business (Life Change Holidays and Life Coaching Holidays) to the Dutch guy who was showing us around. I mentioned something about Life Change and Counselling Retreats and he looked at me very dubiously, “if you want to change my life all you need to do is move to Thailand” was his rather dry, ungrammatical, intense response. Was he right though? Is all that is needed to change our lives is to move to a different part of the world?

I thought about this for some time, wondering about the wisdom and validity of it. Moving abroad certainly forces us to change our life in many ways (I’m certainly eating much more avocado for example) but I don’t think it is in itself “life changing”. As one of my students, who had recently returned from a gap year in India, to “find myself” said, “Unfortunately I took myself with me”. I think this is very true.
Making important lasting changes takes more than moving location.
In order to “change my life” we have to do 2 things successfully:

1)      Understand ourselves sufficiently to know what we can change and what to accept.
2)      Understand how we achieve motivation and increase self esteem.

Our Life Change and Life Coaching Holidays are really designed to achieve these two things as quickly and efficiently as possible. And they do.

So if you are one of the many people that are hearing themselves say ....... “I must change my life” don’t waste any more time, it won''t change by itself. Give yourself a break and change your life at the same time. Send us an email and find out how we can help you.

These really are holidays that change your life”Thailand Tatler.

Talk to you next week about living in Thailand, how to “change my life”, recent advances in relationship counseling and all things life changing.

Have a good week.
Bye for now.