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"This holiday has been fantastic. I didn't know what to expect, I knew I wanted to change my life, my career, my relationships but didn't know how. And now I do! I know the life I really want and know it's accessible."
Donna, London.


Within the counseling world there is surprising confusion regarding "Counseling Techniques". Having spent a life time working alongside all manner of counselors from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds we are happy to cast some light on this otherwise shady area.

There are an alarming number of therapeutic approaches, therapies and counseling styles. At the last count there was upward of 300 “talking therapies”, which includes different counseling approaches. Each one of these comes with its own set of beliefs, techniques and strategies. Little wonder there is such a range of possibilities and resultant confusion over the most popular and best counseling techniques available. Like most things some are very good and some are very bad. A good general guide is to ask; "where did this counseling technique come from and what is it supposed to achieve?"

The Best Counseling Techniquescounseling techniques

When most people talk about "counseling techniques" they are usually referring to the small range of techniques used within Person Centred Counseling pioneered by Carl Rogers in the 1950s. As he placed more emphasis upon the overall counseling style and philosophy, the counseling techniques get a little left behind, although they are usually distilled as a mixture of:

  • Questioning
  • Summarising
  • Listening Reflectively 
  • Providing Affirmation

Counseling Techniques used by The Life Change People

What follows is just a few counseling techniques that we use on a regular basis that are part of our Life Change Holidays and Life Coaching Holidays. These are counseling techniques that we use and see working on a daily basis. They originate from, or are adaptations of techniques used within Medical Models, Person Centred Counseling, Cognitive and Behavioural approaches and recent advances in Motivational Psychology (Read More):

Counseling Technique 1

Personality Profiling. We use an adaptation of a sophisticated clinical personality profile to help establish what can be changed and what can’t. Countless hours have been wasted in unproductive counseling trying to help people change things that they simply can’t, rather than to develop effective coping strategies. Our profiling system aims to highlight the difference.


Counseling Technique 2

Eliciting Change Talk. There is undoubtedly a link, much stronger than first thought between what we say about ourselves and change, and what actually happens. The person that says “I’ll never give up smoking” is unlikely to, just as the person who says, “I need help” will probably get it. We have therefore devised a range of micro-counseling techniques to open up this rich area of exploration.


Counseling Technique 3

Goal Setting. Without knowing where we are going its difficult to know if we get there. We place considerable importance on realistic and effective goal setting.

These are just a few counseling techniques that we use on a regular basis on our Counseling Retreat and Life Coaching Holidays. We also run Womens Holidays, Spa and Wellness Holidays and Tailor Made Holiday in Thailand. Please feel free to Contact Us for further information.