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"Chrissy is someone you will immediately trust. The program is structured to your needs so you don't feel that you are just fitting into someone else's plan, this program will make you feel better"
Charu, London.


how can I change my life

"Believe me, if I can change my life, you can too." Claire Clottey, London

Change is often desirable, scary and mysterious in equal measure. Most of us have a love-hate relationship with change ...or should that be a love-fear relationship?

"How can I change my life" could mean almost anything, but no matter how you phrase the question, the simple answer will always be the same; take action.

Any self help guide, counsellor or well meaning friend who attempts to address the 'how can I change my life' question, should always give a version of the same advice; 'do something'.

That's not as obvious as it may sound. In recent years 'self exploration' has become a popular solution to the problem of how to change lives. Thousands of books have been written and therapists and counsellors appointments made, in the interests of understanding how we tick.

"If I can understand myself, then I'll know how to change my life" is a commonly held belief. Sounds good but here's the thing...if you can understand yourself ...then you'll know who you are and why you feel and act the way you do. This may well be very helpful and interesting...but is this how to change your life? No...if you want to change your life, you need to take some positive action.

5 Ways To Help Change Your Life

Depending on the changes you wish to make, you may find you need some help. The good news for anyone is that starting can be easy and fun.

Step One

Change your face!

Smile through your first "how can I change my life" day. Not in a wild scary way, just a simple smile at everyone you meet or talk to will do. By making sure you smile at everyone, you will also make sure you connect with them...and people's responses to you will change. Action causes a reaction, and your "how can I change my life" quest has begun.

Step Two

Get moving!

If you'd enjoy two hours at the gym each morning or a daily run that's fine. If however, exercise goes on the same mental list as taking the bins out, you'll probably need a different start. Daily half hour walks are good or going for a swim are great...and anything in between would probably be a big improvement. Exercise relieves stress and creates energy. If you're moaning in protest, remember, this 'how can I change my life' thing was your idea so take responsibility for it!

Step Three

Help !

Helping someone increases self esteem and makes us feel effective, both vital qualities for figuring out how I can change my life. Whether it's shopping for an elderly neighbour, or taking a new colleague under your wing, the affect will be the same and all of a sudden "how can I change my life"' won't seem like such a hard question.

Step Four

Make a list!

List your goals, what do you want to change and by when? Work out what steps you need to take in order to reach your goal. If your changes are reasonably straightforward; move house, seek promotion, makeover your wardrobe, you may find that these first 4 steps (which you've just completed!) is all you need.

If however, you are looking at a complete life overhaul, a kick start into a completely new direction, then move on to step five.

Step Five

Call for reinforcements!

You've made a great start, but there's only so much you can do alone. If you are working towards making and maintaining a major life change,....or coping with a dificult change that's thrust upon you, then you may need some professional help. You've already taken charge of the situation, now call in the help you need.

"We have helped literally thousands of people over the past 20 years and will be able to help you too."

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