Hi, My name's Chrissy and I'll be helping to organize your Counseling Retreat.

It's ideal for individuals who want to get away from it all, relax in tropical luxury, sort out problems and find new ways forward.

Your Counseling Retreat is more than Life Coaching and condenses 4 months of counseling, life coaching and therapy into a unique program which allows you to sort out problems and make lasting changes. Your holiday includes:

  • 7-14 nights at a beautiful 5-star boutique hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Counseling Retreat Program (individual 16 hour program).
  • Private airport welcome and transfers.
  • 12 weeks follow up Counseling support.

Every day you'll meet with your counselor who will lead you through the 16 hour program, sorting out difficulties and problems along the way. This process starts with your Personality Profile and works towards your Change Plan. There are no group sessions, it moves at your own pace and we don't do anything scary.

We are qualified senior practitioners with over 100 years combined experience. Over the past 20 years we've been working with advances in Motivational Psychology, Personality Profiling and evidence based counseling interventions.

Whatever life is throwing at you we'll be able to help.


We use the best 5* boutique hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand called Puripunn Boutique Hotel. It's beautiful. We know the staff really well, including the owners Khun Att and his wife Khun Koy. They will look after you like a member of their own family without being intrusive. We have our own office in your hotel so everything is easy and convenient.

The hotel is quiet and tranquil, the pool is beautiful, the food is second to none and the orchids are out of this world. Each room is individually decorated and furnished and has its own balcony. It's perfect. You'll love it.

Counseling Retreat Activities

It's important to have time out from your counseling program. We have about 50 different activities and outings to choose from. This is a very small selection to give you an idea:

  • Tour amazing mountain top Buddhist Temples
  • World class Spa and Wellness treatments
  • Yoga
  • Vegetable Carving and Thai Cooking
  • Learn to fly
  • Market food tasting tour
  • World famous Night Bazaar
  • Elephant Sanctuary where you learn how to look after elephants

All our activities and excursions are private and created just for you. Our Holiday Manager Khun Sonthaya (the kindest man on the planet) will be your guide and look after you during all outings. Let us know what you enjoy and we'll build a tailor made holiday just for you. Just contact us for the full list.

Who We Are

We're the original Life Change Holiday people.

We're a small company of dedicated professionals who have been working together for more than 20 years.

Life Change Holidays are the culmination of our life's work and we are privileged to have helped so many people. We are:

Chrissy Richman PG Dip IntCo, Team Leader (Life Coach, Counsellor)

Dr Robin Russell, Professor of Psychology, London University (Program Advisor)

Alex Gunn MSc (Life Coach, Counsellor, Personality Profiling)

Luke Chester-Master MSc (Counsellor and Clinical Supervision)

Dr Jack Chuang (Life Coach and Counselling Psychology)

Sonthaya Suriyakam (Holiday Manager and also the kindest man on the planet).

So far we have yet to come across a problem that we can't help solve. (Full biogs see About at bottom of page).

Counselling Retreat Prices

We work hard to fit within your budget. Let us know when you would like to come and we'll give you a price.

To give you a rough idea:

A 7 night stay in our 5* boutique hotel including breakfasts, airport transfers and 16 hour Counselling Retreat Program costs about 49,000 Thai Baht. It maybe more or less, depending on when you travel and any extra activities you choose.

14 nights would be about 73,000 Thai Baht.

You can reduce the price even more by staying in a local guest house hotel. This option could cost as little as 33,150 Thai Baht.

By the way, 16 hours counselling in most major cities will cost significantly more than your whole Counselling Retreat.

Contact us for our latest Counselling Retreat Special Offers. We have most flight schedules and prices and are always happy to help.

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