We have availability at the end of May for a Counselling Retreat holiday.

Avoid the queue and jump to the front of the line. Don’t wait to sort out your problems, send us an email and reserve your place now.

Because we want everyone to get proper, individual attention we never over book, we only accept a handful of guests at any one time so we tend to run out of spaces very quickly. It’s quite unusual to get a space like this at fairly short notice. So if you are thinking of coming over, grab that space while it’s free. We’ll even throw in a free massage.

Why A Counselling Retreat

Life Change Holiday Reunion

Life Change Holiday Reunion

A therapy retreat holiday has many things over regular counselling:

  • We condense about 4 months of regular weekly counselling into a focused programme that can run over one or two weeks, ensuring that you can sort out problems fast.
  • Although like all good holidays your counselling retreat will come to an end, but our support wont. You will be able to return home with a full Change Plan outlining the changes you have decided that you want to make, skills to make them happen and 3 months continued support from us.
  • Counselling varies enormously. We are well qualified senior practitioners all with over 20 years each of experience. We have yet to come across a problem that we cannot help with.
  • Thailand is a beautiful country. People are welcoming, the scenery is breathtaking, the weather is great. It was just the best place we could find to base our retreats.
  • The setting is wonderful. We work with a small group of partner hotels who we know personally. We have offices in your hotel so everything is easy and convenient.
  • The weather’s great at the moment, it was 75 degrees when I woke up this morning. The sun is shining as I write this and it looks set to be a beautiful day.

What’s Different About This Counselling Retreat

Counseling Retreat

Counselling Retreat in Thailand

There are now many types of therapy retreat. When we first started there was very little choice. Wonderfully, now there is a much wider choice from budget, shared room accommodation to retreats like our which focus on luxury. We want you to have a really great holiday as well as sort out your problems.

We offer a huge range of activities from rock climbing to yoga, and everything in between.

Throughout your stay with us you will have your own personal holiday manager who will be your personal driver and help you with whatever you want to do. He’ll take you to his favourite noodle restaurants, help you decide what fabrics to choose if you want to get clothes made while you are here and show you places that are fascinating and off the beaten track. He is really the kindest man on the planet.

Therapy Retreat Prices

Because the cost of living is cheaper in Thailand than most other places we can scale down our prices to suit your budget. Expert counselling, a holiday of a life time, all at prices that are affordable.

Over the years we have helped many hundreds of people that have remained close and good friends. If you have problems that you need to sort out, and you want a great holiday in guaranteed sunshine then I can’t think of a better place to come.

Send us an email now while there’s availability at the end of May.

Look forward to seeing you at the airport.

Check out more information on our Counselling Retreat page.

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