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"A huge thank you for giving me the ability to change the way that I think, life no longer feels so over whelming."
Janice, Manchester.


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We publish Life Change Blog articles about how to improve and change your life. If you would like to submit a Guest Post please contact Alex through our contact page. We are always intereted in anything related to "life change."


The Adapted Millon Personality Profile


"We use the most accurate Psychometric Personality Profile System in the world"Dr Robin Russel senior professor of Psychology, Goldsmiths College, University of London and founding memeber of Friends of The Life Change People.


The system we use is a licensed clinical profile which means that it is not available to the general public. It is unlike most other personality profiles that you might be familiar with in non clinical settings. It has been rigorously tested in clinical settings over many years and to our knowledge has never been equalled.


It scores an unprecedented 0.8 on the repeatability index (where 1.0 is perfect) which means that scores are consistent and reliable over long periods of time. Day to day mood changes will not significantly effect the overall results.


It provides a huge amount of information about your core personality traits, as well as interpersonal problems and will help you understand your own behaviour patterns.


We have been working with this personality profile system for nearly 20 years during which time it has been refined and updated.

Personality Analysis and Testing

The system we use is invaluable as part of our Life Change Holidays and are available separately online to help you with life's most difficult moments, including:

  • Wondering whether to take a relationship further.
  • Understanding more about why you do the things you do.
  • Identifying your problems.
  • Identifying your partners problems.
  • Clarifying what you can change and what you can't.

It is also potentially useful in other settings such as:

  • Recruiting to key positions.
  • Deciding whether to go into business with a partner.

It is an integral part of our Relationship Counseling Programme.


Accurate Personality Profile Analysis will help you understand yourself better and achieve realistic life goals.


Contact us today and receive your own Personality Profile. Let us know if there are specific personality traits or problems you would like to know about.

Each completed questionnaire will be personally assessed and analysed and a report will be compiled with attention given to your specific questions.


No mass produced computer printouts.


In keeping with everything we do we offer an individualised personal service.


4,000 Thai Baht per personality profile analysis


For more information about the Personality Profile or Life Change Holidays, Life Coaching, Relationship Counselling and our Counseling Retreat please don't hesitate to Contact Us. We're always happy to help.

I was recently asked to write a short article for a Chiang Mai guide book about what it was like moving to Chiang Mai with a young family. This is what I wrote...

I stood at Heathrow airport waiting for our flight to Bangkok thinking “what have I done.” My two young children were fighting around my legs while my wife argued with the check in woman about seat allocation. The day before I had given away my Series 5 BMW to my brother and stored a full size fibre glass statue of Bruce Lee in my sisters garage. Our comfortable life was about to change for good.                                                     chiang mai zoo

The problem with giving advice about moving abroad is that by definition it is highly subjective, it's my experience, based upon my perceptions and experiences. I've heard people say that moving to Thailand is awful and there's nothing in Chiang Mai for young families, and have heard the exact opposite. They can't both be right can they?

I suppose it depends what you are used to, how adaptable you are and your expectations. Things wont be like home, you will see a lot more rats at night around rubbish bins, it is fantastically hot, everything is a lot cheaper, a lot busier and more is like someone has turned up the brightness and volume on the TV. Actually that's quite good practice for living here. Try it for increasing periods until your flight.

The things we did with our kids were go to the zoo a lot, not because they particularly liked it but because its fantastically cheap. If you flash your work permit and have a stab at talking Thai to the nice lady behind the booth they'll only charge you local entrance prices. If you live somewhere in what we refer to as “the west” (west of what?) you will know that going to the zoo is a major financial outlay. The last time we went to the zoo in the UK it was unbelievably expensive, I had ripped through 120GBP by the afternoon on just a family admission ticket, a few ice creams and a modest lunch...I still had to endure the dreaded gift shop and a ride on the Happy Noddy Train which despite its jolly name is not actually that happy at all. In fact its a bloody rip off and I shall henceforth refer to it as the Happy Rip Off Train.

In comparison Chiang Mai Zoo is unbelievably cheap, it's 20Baht for kids and 50Baht for adults... that's roughly 2GBP. You show me a father in the world that wont want to take advantage of that and I will show you a father who has never heard the term negative equity.

The zoo is actually very good indeed, it's huge and much better than the Bangkok Zoo and will take several visits before you feel you have done it by which time you can start all over again. For 2 quid you can go every day!

The zoo is also home to the Snow Dome, which is fun and the aquarium which is huge and modern and nicely air-conditioned. We also went to the Night Safari both during the day and the night. Our kids preferred it during the day as it was quieter and feels like you shouldn't really be there. We went swimming in the community swimming pool a lot. If your kids like swimming  there are some great pools on most of the private gated villages. The water is warm nearly all year round, it's actually a little bit too hot during the summer months, but that maybe just me.

There's also great restaurants that are children friendly. The one our kids liked the most is the awkwardly named Khoa Mao Kofang, on the ring road on the way to the Royla Flora. Our children referred to it rather accurately as The Jungle Restaurant; good food, big space, waterfalls, fast service and great fun. Order the Birthday Ice Cream and your kids will love you forever.

Apart from that there are adventure parks, theme restaurants with big ball pools, zip wires, an ice rink, cinemas, sport academies of every persuasion, Swenson ice cream parlours and the usual range of modern day distractions for young children and tired (and hot) parents.

Have fun.

Hi Foodies                                                                                                                                                                chiang mai

There’s so much going on in the markets at the moment that I’ve got quite excited and have over run my word quota! I’ll have to do a second installment!

There are lots of fruits coming into season, especially the tiny sweet Pineapples, crisp Rose Apples, Sapodillas and the terrifying looking Snake Head Fruit. It’s also a good time of year for grilled frogs!

The roast frogs (for the more adventurous of you) which are abundant during the first rice harvest of the year are a common sight at the moment in my local market. Frogs are actually very tasty. When you get over the initial idea of eating a frog they are surprisingly tender, and like everyone says who tries one, tastes just like fine chicken.

There is also a wonderment of Land Crab Pate at the moment as well. Have you ever tried it? It is made from the fresh water crabs that live around the wet rice fields, and again, a bit like the frogs, when the rice is harvested these become a useful, not to mention tasty bi-product.

The pate is a wonderful colour, I think it is described by arty types as Burnt Ochre, a favourite of Rembrandt apparently, (the Burnt Ochre colour that is, not the Land Crabs). The pate is sold in the crab shells, just like a dressed crab is back home in the west. The difference being that here the shells are tiny, which makes the presentation so much daintier.

So, for the food adventurous, and not so adventurous, here is a run down of what else to look out for at the moment in the fresh food markets around Thailand.


Have you ever eaten a Sapodilla? It sounds like some kind of fried lizard (which, incidentally, you can also buy down the market). It is in fact a small brown fruit that tastes like heaven when you catch them at the right moment. They look a bit like lozenge shaped hairy brown potatoes, like dark brown Kiwi Fruit.

The flesh is smooth and fragrant, it tastes like eating perfume, but if they are not quite ripe taste clawing and sharp. You can buy a carrier bag full for about 30 Baht.

Deep Fried Chicken Heads

One of the more arresting sights in the market is huge, and I mean huge, piles of severed chicken heads that have been battered and deep fried. A Thai friend tried to convince me that people don’t really eat them but buy them for their cats, but he obviously didn’t pass this onto the guys round the back of the market who drink whisky and munch down platefuls of them on a daily basis.

They are crunchy but also unpleasantly chewy. After extensive chewing you get to a point where you have to just swallow the whole gloopy mess down. Eating a beak takes a bit of getting used to too.

Crispy Fish Heads and Bones

I used to buy these for the cats until one day when I was making dinner I got overwhelmingly hungry and just out of curiosity tried a bone and a bit of fish head. It was delicious, before I knew it I had eaten a deep fried fish head. They are also fantastically cheap, which may come as no surprise as most right thinking people wouldn’t dream of eating this stuff. They are very crunchy, salty and go extremely well with a glass of cold beer at the end of the day.

If you are intending to come to Thailand a really good introduction to Thai food is taking a Thai Food class at one of the numerous Cooking Schools. The cooking schools are generally small scale affairs run by just one or two people. If this interests you read more about what a friend of mine called Howard made of his first ever cooking class in our news section.

Coming to Chiang Mai is a great experience in itself, especially if you appreciate food. Khun Sonthaya will take you around smaller food markets and introduce you to a completely new food sensation. It really is quite amazing.

Enjoy your food.

Do you remember that bit in that film, I think it is called The Dead Poets Society, where Robin Williams, who plays the part of an inspirational teacher, gets his students to stand on their chairs in order to change their perspectives on their lives and surroundings? Well I think coming to Thailand on a Life Change Holiday does something similar. Not, I hasten to add that we'll get you to stand on your chair and look around, or meet Robin Williams, but you will certainly be able to look at your life from afar, from a different perspective, which is difficult to do when we are caught up in our day to day lives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    counseling retreat in chiang mai

I thought about all this last week when I went on a wee little cycle ride near to the hotel where we have our office and base most of our Life Change Holidays (Puripunn 5* Boutique Hotel).

The countryside around Chiang Mai and near to the hotel really is absolutely stunning. It's like riding through a film set, but without the actors and all the clutter. Here's a photo that I took for you all. Lovely isn't it.

The first crop of rice is just coming into season, so some fields have already been cut and some, like the one you can see here is just about to be cut. The rice seed heads turn golden, just like fields of wheat, and then usually cut by hand. Most of the rice grown here is short grain and used to make sticky rice which is sold locally. It's steamed in large muslin lined pots in the numerous Chiang Mai food markets and sold by weight in big soft warm spoonfuls. One spoonful is roughly about 5 Baht's worth which works out on currency converter at about 0.9p in the UK, or 15 Cents in US...i.e., not a lot. One large spoonful is about as much as one person can eat.

counselling in chiang maiI believe that it is so much easier to examine our lives, our relationships and problems when we are out of the everyday hurly burly. It's difficult to see the woods for the trees when surrounded by problems, but get out in the mountains around Chiang Mai or one of the unspoilt beaches down on one of the islands or even wandering around a Thai fresh food market with a bag of locally grown warm sticky rice and suddenly things take on a different perspective.

Add to this a tailor made menu of activities as well as your own individual counselling therapy programme and you have a unique and unprecedented recipe for change. Read what difference a couple of weeks in Thailand made to Paul.

There's a whole different world out there.

Have a good week.


Hello Friends Old and New...

Similar to the last few years we will be offering a range of Life Coaching and Counselling Sessions in London during June and July 2014. We will also, for the first time, be offering the entire Life Change in London Programme, the full 16 hours including the Personality Profile and Structured Change Plan. The only things we can’t really do is the tour of Thai fresh food markets and a trip to the mountain temples!

We work on a first come first served basis and places are running out quickly, so if you are interested do let us know so we can hold dates for you.

You can use the Life Coaching sessions to either get to know us if you are thinking of booking an overseas Life Change Holiday or as a booster and catch up session if you have been out to see us before.

As I said, some dates are now already booked up but we are still in the process of timetabling, trying to accommodate last minute changes in peoples summer plans, so call or email us with your enquiries.

By popular demand, we will use the same venue in leafy Streatham Common that we used last year. It’s only a 10 minute walk from Streatham train station, or a 2 minute taxi ride.

We will be offering both counselling and life coaching sessions between June 23rd to July 4th with the full Life Change Programme running from the last week of July.

If you are interested in making a booking, or holding an appointment please just let us know through our contact page, or give us a ring.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Bye for now.